Paraplegic Man Walks Using Bionic Technology

Today at SingularityU the power that technology has to improve human life was demonstrated through a touching and inspirational tech demonstration.

A Spin off from Berkeley – Berkeley Bionics demonstrated how their product the eLEGS could give mobility to a paraplegic man.  The young man who is only 24 years old suffered from a severe spinal injury as a result of a motorcycle accident.    He has no feeling or motion  below the waist.  Many of these types of injuries happen to young people in their 20s and in an age of technology – its heartbreaking to hear the words you will never walk/dance/run/skate again.

Berkeley Bionics’ innovation, the eLEGS allow him to walk using crutches and a series of sensors and robotics.  The eLEGs exoskeleton is a lightweight structure can be worn all day (battery lasts for over 6 hours) and can carry the weight of about 220lbs.

As the CEO finished describing the technology, in walked the young man – it was an incredible show of bravery and hope which touched the hearts and minds of everyone in the room

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