Ruby Gadelrab’s answer to Does 23andMe include pharmacogenetic screening?

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Yes they do report on drug response of about 18 different traits including Warfarin sensitivity, Clopidogrel (Plavix) efficacy, alcohol consumption, caffeine metabolism, response to statins and interferon beta therapy, just to name a few.  This is particularly useful information because some of these traits do have significant clinical utility and can influence the course of treatment.  In my opinion, pharmacogenomic information is the most useful part of the 23and me report at the moment partly because its clinically actionable and partly because physicians are likely to see the value of it before they see the value of the predictive  and diagnostic disease traits.

Does 23andMe include pharmacogenetic screening?

Ruby Gadelrab’s answer to Has anybody shared their 23andme results with their physician?

I have tried to this several times and got the following reactions

  • Completely blank stare as if i suddenly started speaking to them in Arabic
  • Disapproving head shake as if i was crazy to have even taken such a test.
  • Denial that the test holds any value whatsoever.

On the occasions that I tried to share with the physicians, i tried to show them the most clinically useful information which is pharmacogenomics data.  None of them even knew that there was a test that could help predict Warfarin (Coumadin) dosing…..

Lack of physician education on genomics will hold us back significantly from utilizing the genomic information with clinical utility as standard of care.

Has anybody shared their 23andme results with their physician?