The Personal Lessons 2011 Taught Me

Dear 2011,

You have taught me so much this year – thank you, but I really dont wish to relive you.

Dear 2012 please be kinder to me than 2011 was….

A few of my 2011 lessons.
1) Every single moment with the people you love is precious – life is short, cherish those moments.
2) True friendships are much more important than networks.
3) Health is the window to happiness and sadness
4) Forgiveness relieves you from carrying a very heavy load around
5) When I party all night – I shouldn’t expect to be functional the next day
6) New friends are great but old friends are better – they stood the test of time and fill in the gaps in your memories
7) It’s during the bad times that people show their true colors. I am blessed to have amazing people in my life.
8) I have ADD
9) I really do love what I do at work despite 330K miles of travel in 12 months
10) My family is amazing.