Research on Neanderthal Genome Wins Affymetrix Sponsored Prize at AAAS

First reconstruction of Neanderthal man

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This evening, my very good friend Candia Brown (@divacyntst), Director of Strategic Product Marketing at Affymetrix,  awarded the Newcomb Cleveland Prize to Svante Paabo, Richard Green and David Reich for their ground breaking work on the Neanderthal Genome.

The award was presented to them at the AAAS meeting in Washington DC and is annually sponsored by Affymetrix.

This incredible work was done at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig which delivered the first draft, of approx 60% of the neanderthal genome sequence which came from 38,000 year old bones from Vindija cave in Croatia.

Analysis of the genetic sequence lead to the ground breaking conclusions of the study, that neanderthals interbred with  modern day humans.  Consequently, between 1-4% of modern day human DNA came from Neanderthals, evidence that we all have a little caveman in us!